Friday, April 4, 2014

Outfit of the Day 115

Glasses: eBay | Blazer: Forever 21+ | Top: New Look | Skirt: Forever 21+ | Knee Highs: Sockdreams | Shoes: Madden Girl

I'm sorry for being away for so long. I've spent the last few months working very hard on a cosplay project (which you can read all about at, and as such I've pretty well been wearing ratty work / paint clothes full time. I should have popped over here occasionally and done updates, but nobody's perfect, y'all. Regardless, I'm back now! (^_^)

This look is inspired by this outfit from last year. My original thought was that it would be fun to pair this red skirt with the blue heels, and by the time I added the white knee highs it became clear that I might as well go full on school uniform inspo! Fun fact: I attended a private school up until high school, and while we did have uniforms and yes, I was jealous of the girl's version of it, it didn't quite look this fabulous, haha.

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  1. Nice color combo, tumms up!

    Have a good day!

  2. This is a SERIOUS anime schoolgirl look and I LOVE IT.

  3. Those shoes are so fun!

  4. Are you wearing a neck tie or is that part of the shirt? Either way, I love it!

    1. It's a neck tie (fun fact: it's actually from my Stocking kigurumi cosplay, but I decided to snatch it off the costume and incorporate it in this look). Thanks!

  5. You look bad as hell! I can't wait to tie a blue bow around my neck tomorrow :)

  6. Oh, I am so madly in love with this outfit. I was wondering -- I've seen a lot of your posts around tumblr and I have a friend who's trying to start collecting more feminine clothing, but he's having trouble finding somewhere with good, affordable, cute shoes made for men's sizes (he's a size 10.) Any suggestions?

  7. I love it! The blue neck tie is is such a subtle accesory to go with the shoes and it just makes the outfit pop! Gotta love a bit of old school anime class ^_^