Monday, December 16, 2013

Outfit of the Day 112

Top: Forever 21+ | Dress: Modcloth | Belt: ASOS Curve | Shoes: Keds

I'm back with a new OOTD post! My foot is still healing (and is quite sore today), so I probably won't be back to regular posts for another week or so, but I was feelin' the need to take some photos today so here I am. 

I had a bit of a depilation error over the weekend, so I'm drawing on eyebrows for the time being. It's something I've done in the past, though not here on the blog, so ... yeah there's that. I'm not entirely sure that I love it and will keep it, but whatevs.

I got these shoes today and they went straight out the box, on my feet, and in these photos, ha. They fit pretty perfect and are really comfortable. I've been wanting a more neutral pair of canvas shoes after loving that skull print pair I got from Torrid recently, and I've also been needing a pair of navy shoes so these worked out pretty perfect there. I love it when a plan comes together.

That's it for this one, y'all. Let me know what you think down in the comments below, and I'll be seeing you again soon, okay?

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  1. I gasped IRL when I saw the first pic, omg, DAT DRESS. It's mesmerizing. And the belt! And how does the belt work with the dress and the casual shoes and the pink hair?? I dunno! You're a genius :D

  2. *squeee* I love that dress!! <3

  3. That is the most awesome dress I've ever seen.

  4. You look absolutely stunning and very sexy in your dress and gorgious sneakers. I'd love to be with you.