Monday, August 5, 2013

OOTD: Aurora

Headband: Domino Dollhouse
Skirt: ASOS Curve
Shoes: Wanted

Looks like it's back to back galaxy print here on the blog, this time in a sheer top! Living in Florida, I'm kind of a sucker for sheer tops, if only because they are usually pretty light and airy, which is always a plus here. Truthfully, it's just too damn hot for well over half of the year, so I tend to have to just deal with it and sweat no matter what I'm wearing anyways, but hey, it's something at least right? My theory recently as been to just try to look fabulous all the time, because I'm going to melt while outside no matter what, haha. It's working out, though.

The skater skirt and shoes have been done a few times here on the blog, so really this one is all about the top and headband. I ordered this headband at the same time as that awesome skull print dress, mostly because I though it looked cool and I've been wanting to experiment with more styles on my noggin'. I wasn't sure how it would look without much hair, but I think it's actually pretty cool in a hard femme kinda way, you know? Bonus points, as always, for spiked studs, haha.

As I said in my last OOTD, galaxy print has been everywhere recently, so it was only a matter of time before I rocked it. I like this one because it's completely different from the other galaxy print garment I have, while still being really cool. I've always thought that sheer tops are a lot of fun, and I've even worn a few in the past here on the blog, but this time I'm doing a little bit different. The combo of bra + sheer top is really fun, as I love that little peak of belly you get with it. I think it's a pretty bold look, especially for a fatshionista, and is a direct statement of body acceptance and positivity if there ever was one. I didn't think it was a look that I would ever do, though, being a boy in a dress, because, well, the bra ...

However, Mrs. Spookshow had gotten some new sports bras about a month ago, and since we are the same size I decided to try one on. I was really shocked at how it actually made my chest look a lot better, and actually resolved some fit issues I was having with a few of my tops. I've talked about it here on the blog before, but I've always been a bit ... endowed ... in the boob area, mostly because I'm a plus size dood. It's been probably the most difficult area of my body to accept, but recently I've managed to make some really great progress in that regard. 

Despite the nature of this blog, I was a little apprehensive initially about wearing a sports bra. The benefits of doing so, however, have outweighed that initial doubt, so here we are today. I purchased a few sports bras of my own, and have been wearing them when applicable for about a month now. I've made so many positive strides in terms of self-love and confidence recently, which has been an amazing experience.

And here I am now, rockin' this look and lovin' it.

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  1. Sports bras are magical if you've got anything up top. I'm so glad they're working out for you!

  2. That's a great look. I absolutely love the galaxy print top and went straight off to Forever 21+ to purchase one. International shipping is more expensive than the top itself, but sometimes that's worth it. :-)
    Love the shoes too!

  3. A good bra can do some magic on your self-confidence for sure!
    Love the blog. Wish I could rock a skirt so well!