Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Playing Dress Up with Mr. Spookshow!

Hey, everyone! It's time for something a little different from what I usually do here on the blog ... I've put together four looks to choose from, and instead of making the choice myself and posting an OOTD after the fact, I've decided to let ya'll decide what I will wear! Oh my, haha!

So, I've got a work meeting to go to on Monday evening. It's not anything formal and there's no dress code. It's largely just a get together with management to discuss events over the rest of the year. Anyhow, I'm sure most people will just wear jeans and a tee or some such, but not Mr. Spookshow. That's where you come in! I've spent the morning today putting together four looks to wear, but I'm leaving it up to ya'll. So, without more rambling, let's get to that!

Here's look number 1. I've worn and talked about this dress a lot on this blog over the years, and it's one I feel very comfortable in, so it seemed right to include it. 

I did, however, decide to change it up from my usual by pairing it with nude pantyhose and nude high heels. Fun! That's look 1!

Here's look number 2, a bit of a classic Spookshow look (I guess that's a thing now? haha). I've got a sheer black button up shirt over a skeleton print tee. The skeleton print doesn't show through in the photos as well as in person, though. Ah, well.

A faux leather tiered skirt and black wedge booties complete this one. I decided to throw in this new gold belt at the last minute, just for an extra pop of something. There's look 2!

Here's look number 3, which I feel is a little bit more casual than the previous two. This one started with the shoes, a rockin' pair of red and white sneaker wedges from Target! This skirt is a lot of fun, and I wanted to try it out again here, having previously only worn it for a bit of an experimental look a month or so back. 

This one's got some fun details, and for whatever it's worth I think it's probably the most comfortable to wear out of all of these looks (although the next one is a close second there, I think). Anyhow, there's look 3!

Time for the final option, look number 4! This one is probably the most "out there" of this collection, and most represents what I've been doing with my style lately. Anyhow, this is a navy pinafore dress over a black and white stripe top, with white tights and blue striped flats. This dress has been in my closet for a while without showing up on the blog, though I was going to wear it for jury duty back in February (albeit with much different style and accessories).

I had a lot of fun putting this outfit together, and it feels like the most fun outfit of the collection to me. I tried to make sure to work in every color twice in this one, so I've got navy in the dress and shoes, Black in the top and left hand bracelet, white in the top and tights, and ocean blue in the right hand bracelet and shoes. I should have taken a closer shot of that blue bracelet, 'cause it's little blue skulls, ya'll! Anyhow, that's look 4!

So, now it's time for you to let me know what you think in the comments below! Tell me which outfit is yout favorite and which one you think I should wear on Monday. I'll be tallying votes here and on Tumblr and whichever look has the most votes will be what I wear. I'll feature that look in an OOTD on Tuesday (with more poses and details shots and all that fun) and talk a bit about what my experience was like. I'll most likely feature each of these looks at a later point on the blog, so don't feel too sad if your choice doesn't win! Anyhow, that's it for this one. Time to play dress up with Mr. Spookshow in the comments below, ya'll!


  1. The last look is my favourite, but for the meeting I vote the first one! Love that dress and the visible zipper (for some reason I'm a sucker for visible zippers in contrasty colours). :)

  2. I would have to go in order, from favorite to least:

    1, 3, 4, 2

    I agree with Premee. The first look seems to easily work the best. It's not Too out there, but it also shows that you mean business! And that you know how to dress (not saying the others don't do the same). Course, if I went by my favorite colors, I'd go:

    4, 3, 1, 2

  3. I like #2 the best, as in what -I- would wear. ;) (We have similar tastes.) But if you're enjoying more colors lately, #4 is also a great choice!

  4. Definitely One or Three.
    I might have to find a way to replicate number three on my own, actually.

  5. Gotta be number FOUR! With two a close second! :)

  6. Number 1 is most professional looking. Number 4 is ok, but maybe white tights make it a bit too casual; try with navy blue tights. 3 is too casual.

  7. My fave is the black skeleton shirt with the tassled black skirt. Got that rocker goth feel but its nice and casual. The belt really shows off your figure! beautiful