Tuesday, June 11, 2013

OOTN: Parley

Hey, everyone! So as promised, it's time for an Outfit of the Night post! I think I've only ever done one other OOTN here on the blog, so let's get to it!

Top: Marshalls
Dress: Macy's
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Target

So last night I had a work meeting to attend. There wasn't any sort of dress code, so instead of trying to put together something business-y and such (like I did at the last work meeting, here), I decided to go for something casual and cute. 

I've had this dress in my closet for a long while. It was originally going to wind up on the blog way back in February when I had my first ever jury duty summons to attend. Sadly, I talked myself out of wearing a dress that day because I was worried about the possibility of being unjustly punished for stepping outside of accepted social norms in such a setting (next time, though, I'm so wearing a dress, haha), so I put together a fun kilt look that was slightly more conservative while not entirely compromising my values. Anyhow, I'm digressing a bit here, so back to this dress. I've always really enjoyed the look of pinafores layered over a top, so I bought this dress in hopes of experimenting with that style. I've got a really nice sheer navy button down that works really well with this dress, but I decided to try something a bit more whimsical for this look. I'm sure I'll show the other top with this dress on the blog at some point here, though.

I suspect some readers may be wondering exactly what type of job Mr. Spookshow could have that would allow a boy to wear a dress without any issue. I'm a makeup artist. For as long as I've been employed at this particular company, we've always been allowed a lot of leeway in terms of self-expression, which is great. While I'm sure I'm no doubt not likely to be used for any media or on camera-related gigs, I'm okay with that.

Anyhow, the meeting went very well, and I actually received a lot of compliments on my attire from fellow artists. I felt this ensemble really showed off a good eye for color coordination, as I'd managed to repeat each color twice in the outfit, with I think is fun. One girl in particularly gave me some very nice compliments about this outfit and all of my fashion pictures that I post to Facebook as well, and I was really flattered because I love all of her outfits she posts as well, haha. It's always nice to hear you are doing good from someone that you admire as well, right? So thanks for that!

There was one guy at the meeting who gave me a lot of shit over my outfit, but he's one of those jokester guys anyways, so I've learned to not take it personally. There's a lot of easy, if lame, material to use about a guy in a dress, so I can't fault him too much, haha. There was a bit of patriarchy reinforcement to it all though, which is a bit unfortunate. I like him anyways, though, and I know I looked damn cute so ... whateva, haha!  

This has been a pretty wordy post so far, so apologies for that. I've actually managed to be pretty brief with most of my OOTDs lately (does anyone really read all this? haha), but I've got a good amount of photos in this post too for those of you who just scroll through, haha. These shoes are really fun, and I really love them. Unfortunately, they aren't exactly massively comfortable, so I don't wear them as much as I'd probably like to. They are stretching and becoming more comfortable as I wear them, though, so that's nice. I actually did a lot of Google searching about white tights for this outfit, because I had some concerns about wearing opaque tights in the middle of summer, and if that was super weird. That's ironic in itself, I guess, since I'm already a man wearing a dress, which is already pretty high on the weird-o-meter for some folks. Anyhow, I knew I'd be chilling in an environment that was well air-conditioned anyways, so it seemed acceptable. I actually saw a lot of posts saying that white tights are a "no" anyways, unless you are a little girl or nurse, haha. And that they make your legs look fat (to which I will resist posting a long body acceptance rant in this already long post). Well, I think they are super cute and I'll continue to wear them without shame, thank you very much, haha.

Anyhow, I think I've gone on long enough in this one, ya'll. If you've made it this far, thank you, and why not talk to me below in the comments? I really dig this look a lot, and I'd like to know what you think as well. See you soon, everyone!


  1. Love this outfit. The colour matching is amazing, you can tell that you have a really good sense of colour. I think white tights are great, but I found a lot stuff online saying that they're for kids or nurses too. Eugh, why are people so obsessed with telling each other what they can or cannot wear?

    1. Thank you, Sian! If you'll indulge me being totally narcissistic for a moment, I'm really proud of the color mix in this one too. This is actually my favorite outfit I've done here on the blog, honestly. I felt dreadfully cute, and I kinda loved it.

      White tights ... yeah, I've kinda become obsessed with them. I've previously been pretty addicted to black tights, so it's a bit of a stark change, but there's just something about them that I'm finding really endearing recently. Without getting too deep for comments, I wonder if it's not that they often bring a certain innocence or youth to a look, which sartorially speaking I missed out on back in the day. I suspect I'll comment more on that in future posts, as I feel a lot of my recent purchases have been for more "cute" stuff.

  2. Fuck rules - I love white tights. I'm drooling over those shoes, too.

    Re: body acceptance - this recent post of mine might interest you. http://colormebrazen.wordpress.com/2013/06/10/hating-your-body-in-ten-easy-steps-an-affectionate-fuck-you/

    1. Indeed, white tights forever! Haha, thanks!

      Also, that post interested me very much so, thanks for sharing! Kinda addicted to your blog now, haha. :D