Monday, April 22, 2013

OOTD: Otaku

Hey, everyone! Time for another OOTD, so let's get to it!

Blazer: Forever 21+
Top: Macy's
Skirt: ASOS Curve
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Franco Sarto

I've been watching too much anime recently, and it's kinda bled over into this outfit. I'm not sure how much it actually reads as anime / manga inspired, but that's what was in my head when I put it together. This outfit actually started from the shoes, as I wanted to wear these around the house today to start breaking them in. The shoes are actually for a cosplay I'm working on (this seems a perfect time to mention my cosplay blog I've started recently,, so check that out if you're interested), and while I actually kinda hated them when I bought them, I'm kinda digging them here, haha.

Since I was already talking about the shoes, I'm going to interrupt my usual OOTD photo flow and go ahead with the shoe photo. They are just basic black loafers, essentially japanese school uniform style. I decided to pair them with white tights here, for maximum kawaii!

Here's a shot sans jacket, just to show this top. I purchased this top from Macy's a while back (in this hot pink as well as black) when I was looking for some more business / professional type clothing. I've previously really never had any need for business type clothing, so I don't have any, but remember jury duty back in February? It kinda highlighted that weak spot in my wardrobe, and so it's something I wanted to try to get at least one outfit together for. That's where this top and the jacket came from, and I also picked up a pretty nice but basic black suit skirt as well. Perhaps I'll do an OOTD with all of that sometime here, and show you my office look, haha.

I thought it would be fun to pose with an anime magazine in this set, so here I am making a weird face at the latest copy of Otaku USA, haha. Speaking of anime, I've been watching The Future Diary recently, and I just wanna say how awesome it is! This is a fashion blog, though, and not an anime blog, so I'll just say I highly recommend it if you are an otaku like me! 

That's all I've got for this one, guys. Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

OOTD: Hunted

Hey, everyone! Back with another OOTD, but just a quick one today! Let's get to it!

Dress: City Chic Online
Shoes: Target

So this is the last of the colorblock skater dresses that I bought in multiple colors. It's also got reverse colors from last OOTD, fun! I love these skater dresses, ya'll, because they are super comfortable and super fun. This pink one didn't seem to photograph very true to color, as it's a really hot pink similar to a lot of the other hot pinks I've worn here on the blog lately. Hey, it's my new favorite color, haha.

Once again it's game night at the Spookshow lair, which meant another perfect opportunity to dress up. That makes me pretty happy. As a minor note on my wardrobe in general, today I made a huge step towards making sure I stay out of the fashion blahs by getting rid of all of my "around the house" shorts. I now only actually own 4 pairs of shorts / pants, which is awesome but kinda surreal. I guess it really is skirts and dresses all the time now for me, though, haha.

I really dig these shoes, though they are a bit tight. I'm hoping they'll break in a bit as I wear 'em, as I think they add a lot of fun possibilities to my wardrobe. It's kinda mind blowing to me how much my sartorial tastes have broadened since I started this fashion blog, as the Michael Spookshow of two years ago would have never even looked twice at all these pops of bright color. It's been very enriching, and I've had a lot of fun experimenting with new choices. I definitely encourage ya'll to take risks and step outside your usual sartorial preferences every once and awhile. You never know what you might love!

Anywho, that's all for this one, folks. I've had a really interesting opportunity come my way recently, and hopefully I'll be able to talk about that here soon if it all pans out. Until next time, keep rockin'!