Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mini OOTD: Jury Duty

This is just a quick one today, ya'll, because I want to show off my new backpack and also talk a little bit about how being a boy in a skirt at jury duty went. Let's get to it!

Top: Dress shirt from JC Penney
Skirt: Sportkilt
Tights: Levante
Shoes: Easy Street
Backpack: Dakine

 You might be thinking to yourself, "Gee, self, this outfit sure looks familiar..." and you'd be right, because it's basically the same as one of my OOTDs from last February. I mostly wanted to show this new backpack, however, which just kinda happens to match this outfit today, haha.

So, I totally got my first jury summons ever, and today was the day. I want to say upfront, that I actually had a super amazing, cute dress outfit picked out to wear, but I sadly I kinda chickened out and went with this outfit at the last minute. I feel totally lame for compromising my initial vision, though I still wore a skirt, so it feels like a victory for fashion freedom anyhow, right? I really wanted to wear the dress, and I should have, but I just got really worried about possible bigoted legal complications that I decided to play it a bit safer and more conservative. Anyhow, everything went really well for me, and I didn't have any problems or even receive any negativity .. actually, I got lots of compliments on my outfit. Go figure. Next time I'm so going for the dress. It was such a great and smart outfit, ya'll. Fun factor: I was pretty much the only person not in pants, haha. Predictable.

Anyhow, I bought this backpack recently, both so that I could carry loads of reading material to said jury duty, and also for an upcoming convention I'm attending. I've kinda gotten tired of carrying around purses, so I might actually switch to a backpack primarily when I don't have pockets. I'm not sure if it's strange or not, but I did buy a backpack with a pretty kickass print just in case, haha.

So, that's it for this mini OOTD. Hope ya'll enjoyed. Here's one last picture of my outfit and new backpack. Look for more OOTDs soon, cuz I kinda went on a shopping spree for my birthday!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

OOTD: Birthday!

Hey, everyone! It's my birthday! It's my birthday! It's my birthday!! Haha, let's get to it!

Sunglasses: Domino Dollhouse
Jacket: Mrs. Spookshow's closet, ha!
Dress: City Chic Online
Tights (barely showing here): Kunert
Suspender & Over the knee socks:
Shoes: Target

It's my birthday, and all I wanna do is rock! While I really don't need any excuse to get all dressed up, I wanted to make sure that I really step up today and wear something I love. While I've shown this dress on my Tumblr, it hasn't been featured here yet, which is a damn shame. This dress is so fantastic I could wear it forever! No foolin'! Super comfy and amazing looking. I'm kinda addicted to skater dresses now, ya'll.

I'm gonna mix things up a bit from how I usually do these OOTD posts, and talk about the shoes next, because really this whole outfit came together from there. I was walking through Target with Mrs. Spookshow one day when all of the sudden we saw these amazing wedges. Thankfully, they had one pair of size elevens left, and I snatched those suckers up without any hesitation. I've worn these shoes a LOT since buying them, probably more than any of my other shoes, actually. I'm just super infatuated with them, and thankfully they are every bit as comfortable as they are awesome! Swish!

So last week I hit the big time, ya'll, when I received an email from asking if I'd be willing to try out some of their products and review them here on the blog. They came in super fast, just in time for my birthday! The person I was in contact with was super friendly and helpful, and was able to suggest some items from their shop that they thought would work well for me. I'm going to have a proper review of all the items soon, but ... spoiler alert, it's all amazing! What I'm wearing here are a pair of extraordinary vertical striped cotton OTK socks, being held up by a suspender clip industrial garter belt over a pair of sheer grey tights from Kunert. The socks and garter are a bit out of my usual comfort zone guys (I'm usually just a tights kinda guy, ha), so I'm actually completely taken by surprise at how comfortable and fun these socks are! I thought it would be really fun and kinda flirty (!) to wear these socks & garters with this dress, and I have to admit I'm feeling super awesome in them! My mind has pretty much been completely blown sartorially courtesy of, and I'm really excited because I feel like I've been awakened to a whole new world of awesome hosiery choices to play with! There's a full review of all of the products that I received coming up soon (including a special giveaway for a lucky reader!), so be sure to look for that soon. Suffice to say here, however, that these socks and garters are awesome, and I highly recommend checking out their product line!

I think there's some really fun color play going on here, kinda all held together by Mrs. Spookshow's excellent white leather jacket. All of my jackets are black, so this is an interesting turn for me, haha. I know I've talked about feeling the need to cover dresses with a jacket here due to lame body image issues I sometimes struggle with, but I feel the need to point out that this dress makes me feel so awesome that I can wear it sans jacket without any doubts. Sadly, I didn't take a photo without the jacket, because it's actually quite cold today, haha. Ah, well.

I wanted to show a head shot here, because I wanted you guys to see my cool navy septum ring that I've worn today to tie in with the little navy patches on my shoes, but sadly you can't really see the color of the septum ring so well here. Oh well, you still get a head shot of me on my birthday, though, haha!

Another shot of the shoes, just because they are amazing! I really love how these socks pair up with these shoes. It's totally killer!

So I reckon that's it for my birthday post, ya'll, as I'm about to head out for lunch and shopping (and later dinner) with my family. Thanks for reading, and be sure to stay tuned for quite a few more updates very soon!