Monday, January 21, 2013


This OOTD does what it says on the tin, as it features me rocking a totally rad black dress. Let's do this!

Dress: Avenue
Tights: Levante via
Shoes: Target

As I'm writing this post I just gotta say, this dress still really kills me. There's so much going on with it that I absolutely love: the hot pink color block, cowl neck, asymmetric sleeves (one of which is a batwing, gah!), AND the fabric feels incredibly comfortable. Truth be told, I'm often really hesitant of buying dresses with this type of shape, as even though I do espouse body acceptance and general middle fingers to "flattering" and other fashion rulesdrools, I still have some confidence issues with my own body that I have to deal with. Fortunately for me, I came across this dress during a particularly dangerous Cyber Monday shopping spree, and decided I just had to give it a go!

I feel like I've kinda leveled up recently, and really started to make bolder choices than I have in the past (which I'm told is really sayin' something, haha). As a result of that new found sartorial courage, whereas a totally rockin' dress like this might have lingered in my closet for a long while waiting for confidence under the guise of an appropriate "occasion", I just decided to go for it and wear this dress to a meet up with some friends. It felt really great to just do it, and in a strange way I feel even more liberated than before. The support I've received from my readers on the internet has really helped me to really come into my own, sartorially speaking, and for that I'm eternally grateful!

I don't really have anything witty to say here in order to transition to more photos, so I'll just say thank you to everyone who reads my blogs and has supported me!

Have I talked about these shoes here before? I feel like I have, but I really don't remember. Anyhow, they are awesome! The end.

That's it really for this OOTD, guys, and with it I'm finally all caught up here on this blog. Mrs. Spookshow and I are meeting some friends tomorrow afternoon for lunch, and that OOTD will mark my last OOTD here on the blog before we have our baby. Oh my! I don't suppose I've talked about that much here, but yes, Mrs. Spookshow is now quite a bit overdue and we've been scheduled for a birth induction on Thursday morning. I'll try to talk more about my feelings on the very nearly here Spookshow baby in tomorrow's OOTD, so look for that .... tomorrow, haha. Also, don't forget to let me know what you think of this totally killer dress in the comments below! Adios for now, ya'll!


  1. You're looking so fine- love the shoes especially.

  2. i wondered when baby was due.
    best wishes with the delivery

    the cowl neck, asymmetric sleeves work well on you

  3. Totally killer dress is totally killer! You rock it like no one's business:)