Monday, January 21, 2013

OOTD: Hard Femme

Yet another OOTD, readers! This one is still blowing up the His Black Dress Tumblr, with just over 11,500 likes, reblogs, and comments as of this writing. Whoa! Let's get to it, then!

Jacket: F21+
Top: F21+
Belt: Torrid
Skirt: F21+
Shoes: Madden Girl

As far as I remember, this is the first time I've ever had all the items in an OOTD be from the same store. It wasn't really intentional, but this one is apparently a Forever 21+ lookbook, haha. My goal with this outfit was to go for a very hard femme look ... so a sheer top, studs, leather, and face melting hot pink high heels were the order of the day! Hell yes! 

The inspiration for going with such a hard femme look was the debut of my new (lack of) hair. The orange was fun, but alas, my head was shaved due to a lost bet. Honestly guys, I'm really loving the freedom and ease of being bald, so it's been easy to get used to. As an added bonus, I think it really adds to this look, eh?

Let's go straight from my newly bald head to these painfully awesome heels, ya'll. They kill! Seriously, I'd really been wanting a basic (for lack of a better term) pair of high heels for a long while, and when I saw these shoes from Madden Girl I just absolutely had to have them. My original intention was to go for a black pair, but I just couldn't resist the hot pink! My theory was that if I was going to wear something so socially entrenched in the female realm as a legit pair of high heels, I might as well just go all out with a hot pink suckerpunch to gender conformity! Turns out I love these shoes so much, and they fit me so well and were so comfortable that I went ahead and purchased both the black and royal blue colors as well. Triple combo!

I haven't really said a lot about this outfit in this post, but honestly I think this one speaks for itself. Now it's your turn ... tell me what you think of this sartorial venture in the comments below!


  1. Love, love, love it. I think it is my favourite outfit of yours so far! Hard, soft, dark, bright...and totally you. I would steal that belt right off your body. Not to mention those heels look great on you.

  2. I love the style. There will be places that such atire may not be most suitable but for around town be awesome

  3. Absolutely loving the hot pink heels. Just goes so well with the rest of the outfit. Love it!

  4. I die! This looks incredible on you.

  5. you look amazing!! love love love this on you! where did you get the jacket?

  6. You need to post more heel posts. You look great in them.

  7. This is, like, the best outfit in the history of ever.