Monday, November 26, 2012

OOTD: Regen

I promised I'd be back with another OOTD soon, and here it is! Let's do this..

Necklace: Domino Dollhouse
Top: Ashley Stewart
Skirt: Simply Be
Boots: Payless

I was going for something casual and comfortable here, and I think it came out pretty well. I wore this outfit on a much needed day off, a day with only a few errands to run where I could mostly just lounge about the house and regenerate after the craziness that was my life in September / October. 

I've wanted a high low skirt for a while now, but had never really found the right one for me. In the past I haven't really loved skirts of this length on myself (I tend to prefer short skirts, ha), and here was the first time I felt like I was really rocking this length. There's just something about the high low skirt that I find so awesome, it's just such a cool look! This color red is really quite stunning, as well. Yay!

I'm kinda in love with this top, as well. I don't know what it is, but it seems  that I REALLY love shoulder details on clothing, so I just had to have this top when I saw it. If I can digress for just a moment: thinking about it, several of the other men in dresses bloggers that I talk to often express concern over their shoulders and how they fit proportionally with clothing marketed towards women. I feel there's a tendency with men wearing dresses to want to layer something like a jacket or cardigan to try to balance out the shoulder area or perhaps just draw attention away from them, and to be honest I'm not entirely innocent of this kind of thinking myself (although there is a little voice in my head that lectures me about body acceptance / positivity EVERY time I put on a jacket-shaped security blanket, heh). It's interesting then that I seem to be drawn towards shoulder details on dresses and tops, because that seems to be in direct juxtaposition to this. Curious...

Getting back on topic, I do love this top! However, prior to this outfit I had had some difficulty finding the right combination for it. I'm really looking forward to trying it with some more of my skirts and such. 

These boots are pretty excellent. I've got fairly similar boots in black and in red, so I felt it was time to get a grey pair as well. They're comfortable and pretty cool, and a lot of times in the fall & winter I'll pair this style of boots with a pair of shorts & tights for a quick, casual outfit. As a funny side note, a guy at work commented about these boots being cool and called them my "Aragorn shoes". Haha!

So I've actually got a personal experience to recount regarding this particular outfit. To be honest, not much of note usually happens when I go out dressed like this in my daily life, but occasionally ...

The day I wore this, my wife and I went to Sally's Beauty to pick up some hair bleach. While we were checking out, I couldn't help but notice the guy behind me pointing me out to his wife and saying something. Okay, nothing out of the ordinary really, because I do tend to draw attention in public ... and while that's not at all what I go for or want, I realize that I do stand out in a crowd, so okay. However, he then takes out his cell phone and tries several times, very poorly, to take a stealthy photograph of me. Okay, also not the first time I've noticed people do this, and again it doesn't really bother me that much (I just hope they get me from a good angle, to be honest, haha). Mrs. Spookshow also notices, and pokes me and points it out, but I just shrug and laugh. 

And then she turns to him and says, "You know, if you want a picture you could just ask." 

....Haha. The guy just kinda blinked for a few seconds ... a bit stunned at the bluntness (as was I), and then he says, "So ... um .... can I get a picture?" I'm a good sport, so I turned and struck a pose for him, he snapped it, and said, "Uhh ... thanks." Mrs. Spookshow and I had a laugh as we finished up checking out and left. I do wonder why he wanted a picture, outside of perhaps just the novelty of seeing a boy in a skirt? Part of me thinks that it probably wasn't for any sort of good reason, but whatever.

I've said it before here, and I'll say it again, I would much prefer if my sartorial choices weren't anything out of the ordinary. I don't do this for attention, I do it because it's what I enjoy and fashion is one of the many ways that I like to express myself. I'd prefer to be able to go through my life and have people treat me and react to me no differently than they would if I was just wearing the clothing currently marketed to guys, but I'm realistic enough to understand that this isn't the reality I live in now, and that's okay too. Now, don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore compliments on my style (haha), I just mean to say that I wish it wasn't a big deal that I'm wearing a dress, you know? 

But I know that I stand out from the crowd, and in the same (paradoxical) breath ... I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. I am loving shoulder details at the moment too! Studded shoulders are everywhere and I think I'm going to have like 6 or 7 different versions. Its interesting to see how other people see themselves and what their "problem" areas are.

  2. In my experience, sometimes you do not have to dress all that differently to garner attention...all I have to do some days is pop on a vintage hat. I'm glad you can deal with the attention with such ease - I know there are days when I feel like losing my temper because strangers think it's better to stare than to just say something! Certainly not everyone should dig what you choose to wear, but they should try to have some class about it.

    Hope you got some good R&R - you sure looked classy doing it!

  3. Thanks for sharing your fashion views. I applaud your openness and ability to put forward such good fashion sense. Although I have a number of skirt outfits, they only get worn occasionally to the hair dressers and short errands. Texas doesn't feel as open to expressing freedom of fashion the way Florida does. Keep up the good work.