Wednesday, November 28, 2012

OOTD: Howl

I'm back again for a quick OOTD. Let's do this!

Jacket: Ashley Stewart
Top: ASOS Curve
Skirt: Simply Be
Shoes: Torrid

I feel like this one's got a pretty similar vibe to yesterday's outfit, just with more awesome wolf top! Sometimes that happens, though, and I'll string together a few outfits in a row with a similar tone. Ah, well.

I've pretty much talked about all of the items in this OOTD at some point here on the blog, with the exception of the howling wolf top, which is new. I picked it up during the Cyber Monday sale at ASOS Curve, along with a few other great tops and a belt (I'm sure I'll get to those soon enough). It's pretty excellent, eh?

I feel like this look could work with any of the jackets I have, but I decided to go with this one just because I actually probably wear it the least out of all of them. That's a shame, because it's totally awesome. I've seen this jacket on so many of the TV shows my wife and I watch, and it seems to always be worn by my favorite characters, ha!

Mrs. Spookshow and I are heading to the hospital this evening to take a tour of the baby ward and get all our plans in order. It occurs to me that I haven't talked about that much here on the blog recently, but Mrs. Spookshow is at the eight month mark, and everything is looking fine. The expected due date is January 19th, which is sure approaching quickly. Wow.

I've got so many plans for new essays and such here on the blog, but just haven't managed to sit down and write them yet. I hope I will soon. 

Anyhow, that's really all I have to say for this one, as I'm mostly letting the photos do the work, ha. I'll be back soon I'm sure with yet another exciting update! See you then!


  1. That jacket is fantastic and I'm loving the colour of the skirt! Great post!

  2. I offer both a hooray and a good luck. Also, an "I really, really, really like that jacket."

  3. You'll have more time with a baby due in January? I think I'll enjoy the flood of posts whilst I can! :)

  4. THAT JACKET. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  5. Stumbled across this blog. I really like your style, you wear it well sir! The world is a better place for you being in it being you Xx

  6. I would add some of the color from the skirt to the top like in a necklace or scarf cause for me it seemed a little flat. you look good..just it needs a little something. Great style!

  7. OMG! Today I tumbled on a picture of you wearing the fiercest outfit and looking ABSOLUTELY HOT and I had to find out who this dreamy creature was, and I´m very pleased whith what I´ve found out. Keep rocking style, fucking gender cuz you are doing it great!

  8. That jacket is fantastic and I'm loving the colour of the skirt! Great post!