Sunday, November 25, 2012

OOTD: Cult Classic Remix

This one is from a few weeks ago (sorry for the delay!) ... so let's just get into it, eh?

Jacket: Forever 21+
Shirt: eBay
Skirt: Target
Tights: Levante
Shoes: Payless

As the title implies, this is a remix of a previous look from the blog. A casual tee and skirt look is something I wear pretty often, and don't usually feel is awesome enough to post here on the blog. Here's how I wore this tee and skirt (in a different color) back in February ...

It's interesting to note that I'm actually wearing the same skirt and boots, just in different colors. 

I feel there's an interesting dynamic between the previous photo and this current look, as it really shows how my personal style has evolved over the year. I feel pretty good about where I'm at sartorially.

I decided to take a face shot to post here, as I recently bought a few different color rings for my septum so that I can color coordinate with my looks. It's something that I don't feel comes across in the full body outfit shots, but it reads in real life, so I wanted to share it here. Fun!

Speaking of real life, a few readers recently requested some shots of me "out and about", so here that is. I suppose sometimes seeing is believing, because yes I do actually wear all of these looks out in my daily life. I'll try to snap more pics out in the wild, ha.

Ending it with an obligatory tights / shoes shot. I've really been wanting a pair of tights like this, but it seems so hard to find plus size tights in fun patterns. Levante makes these, and they are pretty awesome, but a little pricey, honestly. I love these boots! I picked these up around this time last year at Payless after having bought a black pair as well. The red ones are pretty amazing, and I like to wear them when I really want to add some punch to an outfit. Yay for red shoes, haha.

So that's all for this one. I'm playing a bit of catch up here with outfit photos ... so look for another post very, very soon!


  1. Love the tights! I had some just like them, but they ripped on first wear. :(

    I really like the contrast between these remixed looks. I think you look much more happy with your current style, which is always nice to see. Also, co-ordinating septum rings? Just about my favourite thing on this blog so far! That might be because I am considering that piercing myself. ;)

  2. I know the feeling about the tights. Sometimes, if you're lucky, WalMart carries some cool, patterned tights, which makes me over-the-moon happy, since they're about five bucks a pair. So, hooray!
    Also, I love that jacket. I have the same one, and I wear it as often as I can cause I feel like it makes me look tougher than I actually am, haha. But I love how you paired it in this look. So much.

  3. Pretty Polly and Donatella's ( are my source for patterned tights, but my tastes are far more reserved than yours:) Great punchy, yet casual, look!

  4. Love the tights! Target and Nordstrom Rack are two other places to grab interesting tights for not so much $. They get fun patterns but they go pretty quick :(

    I've been looking through a bunch of your outfits and you can totally rock a pair of shorts! Why not put those awesome tights with the shorts and the red boots?

    Also, the long skirt you have (towards the bottom of the page) is incredibly flattering. Makes you look really tall and leggy while being super chic at the same time.

    I posted a link as well for a dress that I think you would like (admission: I have it in my closet) AND would look great on you. It looks great on pretty much anyone, and it's comfy and inexpensive (WIN!).

    Love the blog and seeing what you're wearing!

  5. I love how confident you look! We need more people to do what they feel is right for them just like you :) And have the same problem with tights! I have a healthy body but I still have a problem with finding tights in nice patterns and if I find some that fit they will stretch out and the color will fade. Hope it will be easier to get clothes to people in all shapes and sizes :)