Thursday, July 19, 2012

07/19/12 OOTD: Murder Remix

I'm havin' flashbacks to February with this steady stream of OOTD posts, how about ya'll? I promised a skirt for my next OOTD, but even I didn't think it'd be so soon. Let's get to it.

Necklace: Domino Dollhouse
Top: Marshalls
Shoes: Andres Machado

Every now and then when I look back through the OOTDs I've posted, I'll find myself thinking, "I just could have done better with that." This skirt in particular is one such instance. I originally wore this one back in February here, and I was just never completely happy with it. To be fair, though, it was a bit of a filler outfit if I can be honest. I wore that outfit when we were driving back from our trip to Tampa to see Penn & Teller, and I had wore some of my best looks to date on that weekend (here and here, respectively), and sometimes even my creativity can feel a bit sapped.

I've been a bit light on OOTDs over the past few months, so I've managed to accumulate a lot of new items to show. A lot of said garments are tops, however, so there's going to be a bit of remixing involved when it comes to bottoms.

I've shown this necklace before, but I wanted to get another shot of it here. You can also sorta see the dolman sleeves on this top .. almost. Ah, well.

Honestly, this is kind of a remix of a remix, anyhow, as this skirt was actually one of my first looks on Flickr a while ago. Brace yourself, here comes a blast from the past, ha ..

It's interesting to see how my style has changed over time, but let's get this back on track, hmm?

This look really just came together by happenstance today. I had to mow the lawn today, and after such a grueling task here in the hot summer I like to relax a bit in our jacuzzi tub. I was feeling really nice after that and decided that I just needed to wear something stylish for the rest of the day. I'm pretty much just chilling on the computer and replying to comments & messages, but hey. I'll at least look nice for Mrs. Spookshow when she gets home, ha!

Speaking of Mrs. Spookshow, I'd just like to remind everyone that she does have a rockin' Etsy store you should check out! With a baby on the way we can absolutely use any funds we can get, so now's a great time to pick up an item you've had your eye on there. She made this skirt for me, and I've always really liked it. She does take commissions as well, so if you'd like something custom (hey, she could probably even make you one of these skirts, if you wanted it) go ahead and give her a shout. 

Here's a closer shot of the shoes. I don't really wear them as much as I thought I would when I bought them, but sometimes it's just an awesome shiny red flats day, ha!

Anyhow, that's it for this one. Keep on rockin', you lovely folks!


  1. That is a great skirt - can't go wrong with red, anyway:)

    I don't believe I've seen you in flats yet - do you do them often?

    1. Thanks, I really like this skirt too! I really don't wear flats too often, at least not when I'm putting some effort into my looks. I have a lot of trouble resisting how a pair of heels make my legs look, so I usually only wear flats if I'm working or doing a lot of standing / walking. I own more flats than I probably should, honestly, given how often I wear 'em.

  2. Mrs. Spookshow is so talented! That skirt is lovely, the colour and pockets are really cute.

    1. Thank you, Sian! I will be sure to tell her this. She really is amazing.

  3. Great skirt and necklace, and the shoes go perfectly!

  4. Hi. i have followed your blog on &off for a while & liked the striey top today, the shoes, too.
    Good to see skirted guys somewhere else in the world.

    1. Thank you, Roogle! Glad you decided to chime in here, and I appreciate the compliments!

  5. You rock it! I also have to got some GREAT legs!