Thursday, July 19, 2012

07/18/12 OOTD: Wild

I'm back again with another leggings look. I wore this outfit yesterday, but didn't have a chance to post it until today. It occurs to me that I haven't posted an OOTD featuring a skirt since April, but rest assured that I will be remedying that soon! Let's do this.

Necklace: Evans 
Top: Torrid
Leggings: Torrid
Shoes: Payless

So, even though I like this look, I've got some issues with these garments after wearing them all day yesterday. The top is a bit too big for me, as they only had a 3x in stock when I purchased it. I knew it would probably be too big, but I couldn't resist anyways, as the sleeves reminded me of my favorite dress. I was really unsure about the neckline, as it's clearly meant for serious boobage, but I think it comes off as a very deep V on me, which is okay. It's not something I've worn before, though I've seen a lot of rocker guys do it, so perhaps it works? I mostly wore it so I could wear this necklace...

A few weeks ago, I made an order from Evans. I had found some really great dresses, and decided to throw this necklace in with them because I liked it. Unfortunately, when my order arrived, it was only the necklace, because it turns out the two dresses were out of stock in my size. I'm still kinda bummed about that, but ah well.

I had a quite busy day yesterday, as my parents were visiting. Last Christmas we had gotten my dad a gift certificate for the local gun store, and to this point he hadn't had a chance to use it, so it was off to the gun store. Now, this place is quite a classy establishment anyhow, but it's still a gun store in the south, right? I've had people comment here that they could never wear the things I do in their part of the world for fear of being lynched. Well, I rocked this outfit surrounded by good ole boys in a gun store in Florida, and I'm here to tell you that I had no problems. I think a lot of the fear we men in skirts feel is self-inflicted, which is unfortunate. That being said, I do recommend being proactive with your safety, much in the way I suspect many women would be. I tend to avoid dark or deserted areas if I'm alone, and I always carry a can of pepper spray in my bag. You just never know, so be safe! That being said, don't let fear stop you from being yourself, just exercise good judgement. As of yet, I've not had any negative encounters in the wild.

We also went out to eat and to a local Target store. Dinner was good, and Target was actually kinda boring. I did not find any cool clothes or good deals on movies. Oh well.

I really love the look of these leggings. I'm all about tribal patterns. Unfortunately, the fabric these leggings are made from is actually quite itchy. I decided to wear a pair of tights underneath to help mitigate that, but it didn't help as much as I had hoped. I also seem to be a bit between sizes in Torrid leggings, as my other tribal pair is a 1x and is just a little bit small, while these are a 2x and are a little bit big. It's too bad these leggings have some issues, because I think they could be really cool. I'll still keep them, but I probably won't wear them as much as I'd like to.

Anyhow, that was my OOTD yesterday. I've been on a bit of a leggings / shorts trend lately, but I'll be rockin' a skirt in the next one, ha. See you for that soon!


  1. The almost-skin tone of those leggings give them a bit of a nude illusion look, at least in these photos! Quite funky:)

    I do like the v-neck on you, but I think I'd like the effect more so in an outfit that had more lengthening effect on your lower torso, i.e., a dress or skirt combo rather than a tunic. I find the v leads the eye down and without a longer line, it just feels a little bit like it stops short. Just my two cents:)It is a very cool necklace too.

    1. Thanks, Thursday! I'll be sure to try this v neck top again with your suggestions and see how it works out. Thanks for the input and the compliments!

  2. I think out of the topmost outfits on your blog, this one is the most flattering to you. The red skirt in the other pictures didn't mesh well with the tops selected and seemed to clash in either colour or pattern. Still, you wear the skirts and garments well ^_^ And it is a pity the leggings are uncomfortable.

    1. Thanks, Kshni! Yeah, I really liked this look as well. I do think the red skirt OOTD is fun too, but I can see where it's definitely a bit ... loud, ha. Thank you for the compliments! <3

  3. I loooooooooooooove your leggings!!
    can you share where you got them? =D

    Thank you! and.. I am really enjoying your blog. It's pretty cool!

    1. Thanks, Mariela! I'm glad you like the leggings (and the blog)! These leggings were made by my wife, Mrs. Spookshow, and were available at her Etsy shop: Mrs. Spookshow's Designs. They sold out within an hour of posting this set, and unfortunately we haven't been able to find this fabric again for a reasonable price. Feel free to check out the rest of her items, though!

      Thanks for the compliments!

  4. I love this outfit! It looks fantastic on you.