Friday, April 20, 2012

04/20/12 OOTD: Denim

Another OOTD! I've been waiting to show this one off. Here we go!

Top: Fringe top by Anna Schulz
Belt: Oval stretch belt from Torrid
Skirt: Stretch denim straight skirt from Mrs. Spookshow's Designs
Tights: Kunert satin look 20 in marine
Shoes: Trista studded bootie by Avenue

All of the items here are remixed from various OOTDs on the blog, except for the skirt, which is new. This skirt was made by my wife, Mrs. Spookshow, and is available for purchase at her Etsy shop. I love this skirt, and have been wearing it a lot since I got it. My infatuation started with the fabric ... let me explain. I hate denim. Like, no joke, I have a pretty serious hate for denim. I hate wearing jeans, and really dislike how heavy denim usually is, especially here in Florida. Lots of people I know wear jeans nearly exclusively, so I think I'm in a minority with the hate, but whatever. 

Anyhow, back to the skirt. Mrs. Spookshow found this fabric while we were out shopping and I was shocked to find that I actually liked it too. Truthfully, I never knew that denim could be both this soft, stretchy, and light. It's got everything I love about other fabrics, but still has the denim look & texture, which I've actually always liked. Needless to say, we bought the fabric. Mrs. Spookshow made herself a pair of capris, and I got this skirt. It's totally one of my favorites.

Since this skirt is available in my wife's shop, you might think I'm just talking it up for sales, but I'm not (although I do think you need to buy this skirt!). I wouldn't wear or post anything here that I'm not 100% behind. The reason I love this skirt (besides the aforementioned ones) is that it seems to work with everything. I never really knew what fashion bloggers meant when they talk about wardrobe essentials until Mrs. Spookshow made this skirt for me. It's an easy, comfortable skirt that I seem to be able to dress up, down, around, or whatever I feel like, and that's why I love it so much.

Anyhow, be sure to give Mrs. Spookshow's Designs a look for some pretty awesome clothes from Mrs. Spookshow. We'll be adding new clothing all the time, so check back often. 


  1. At first I thought the fringe on the top was one of those fringey necklaces, but it's built in? That's neat!

    You're making a good case for why handmade clothes are so awesome, haha. I have been itching to make some skirts lately...

    1. Hey, Mia! Yep, the fringe is built into the top. This is a top that I wear a lot actually, as I just find it really fun. I actually just got another top with the same fringe, just in a different style. Look for that very soon.

      Yeah, Mrs. Spookshow is awesome. I can't tell you how handy it is to have a seamstress in house that can tailor garments to fit my body better. As an example of that, actually, she shortened the straps on the top in this OOTD so that it would fit me much better in the chest region. Huzzah! Mrs. Spookshow's garments are very well made, and we've had a lot of fun shopping for fabrics for the shop.

  2. that's a great outfit! :)