Saturday, March 24, 2012

03/24/12 OOTD: Shadow

OOTD time! Let's do this.

Shirt: Gift from Mrs. Spookshow
Jacket: Tough cookie jacket from Domino Dollhouse
Skirt: Shadow stripe skirt from Torrid
Tights: Levante sheer fantasy stay ups in black
Shoes: Portia bootine from Payless

I just wasn't able to work this skirt into Fashion Freedom February, and as such it wound up in my sell pile. However, I just couldn't let it go, as I like the style of it a lot, even if I haven't figured out how to rock it. Well, that was until today anyways. I'm really happy with how this outfit turned out.

This outfit came to me with a bit of inspiration from my February 1st OOTD, paired with a totally kickass jacket from Domino Dollhouse. I've been wanting to get another photo in this jacket before it gets too hot to wear it here, as my last OOTD featuring it, while really awesome too, didn't have the best photo because of how dreary a day it was. Have I mentioned I love this jacket?! <3 Domino Dollhouse!

In case you find yourself wondering what seems different about this OOTD, I guess I should point out that I shaved my face. Not completely, but I just wanted to try something different. It happens every once and awhile. Honestly, I find I need to shave the beard every few months, otherwise my face underneath can just get really itchy and broken out (yes, I shower!). I had the same issue with my head, which is part of why I keep it shaved now. Anyways, I don't get too attached to my facial hair, so I tend to change it up whenever the urge strikes. It grows fast, so it's no big deal really.

A whole paragraph about shaving my face ... wow *yawn* Let's throw in another picture to end this post with some style, eh?


  1. Oh my god I love this outfit! I think I need this skirt in my life, I hope Torrid still has my size. *v*

    1. Thank you, Crystal. Glad you like it and hope you find it!

  2. I dig this look. It's a really interesting blend of feminine and masculine energies. I do something very similar to this, though my wardrobe is vastly more narrow than yours. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks, Paul. Yeah, I really enjoy trying to blend hard and soft looks within one outfit. I believe this is sometimes described as a "hard femme" look, which probably really describes my style, actually. Thanks for the compliments, Paul, and cool website!

  3. omfg your are so sex and awesome !! OMG I CANT BELEIVE IT