Tuesday, February 21, 2012


On my birthday, I sent my OOTN photo to Domino Dollhouse to post on their Tumblr. When I woke up the next morning, I was shocked to discover all the attention that photo received over on Tumblr, not to mention the amount of traffic it created here on the blog. Just a few days after I had posted an announcement about reaching 5,000 page views total for the blog, that activity on Tumblr led to over 5,000 page views here in a single day! Over that next few days I've went from 17 followers to 55 and rising!

The support, encouragement, and love I have received on Tumblr (and here on the blog) was the best birthday gift I could imagine. I've gotten the opportunity to interact with so many people here, and received some very inspirational messages. I want to say thank you to everyone who has followed this blog, commented on my posts, sent me messages, & shared my photo on Tumblr. I really appreciate it very much. The entire reason I write this blog is to try to encourage people to be themselves. Sure, the blog is also about raising awareness for men wearing what they want, but at the very core the idea remains to give people inspiration to be who they want to me. Thank you, everyone, for helping me to share that message.

The activity on Tumblr, as well as several messages from readers, has prompted me to start my own Tumblr. While it's going to be more of a personal space for general things that I like (a place to get to know Michael Spookshow more!), and not just focused on men's fashion freedom like this blog, I will be posting all of my OOTD pictures there.

You can find my Tumblr here at His Black Dress.

To all the readers who found this blog through that original post on the Domino Dollhouse Tumblr, I ask you to take a moment to visit my new Tumblr and reblog your favorite OOTDs of mine.

Here is a link to my OOTD tagged posts over on Tumblr: http://hisblackdress.tumblr.com/tagged/OOTD

I want to give a huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone who supports this blog. I love having the opportunity to talk to you all, and show you a glimpse in to the life of a boy in a dress. Thank you!


  1. I found you through Tumblr and shared your photo there. I'll go check out your Tumblr now!

  2. I found you through tumblr and I'm super glad.!
    I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way, but I am so impressed and really admire how confident and comfortable you are in dressing outside the norm. It's very inspirational. I wish more people felt that comfortable.
    Also, A couple of your OOTD have given me some ideas on potential new outfits I probably wouldn't have considered. I love your style! :)
    I'm following you on tumblr too now and look forward to more posts

    1. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me a comment here. I enjoy hearing from the people who stop by the blog.

      It took me a long while to feel confident and comfortable with myself, but once it clicked it was like the floodgates opened. I write this blog to try to show people how awesome it is to just be yourself. My hope is that people will see what I'm doing here and feel inspired to live their own lives the way they've always wanted to. I'm glad you were able to find some inspiration / ideas here.

      Thank you for the compliments, Bang!