Friday, February 3, 2012

Givenchy Fall 2012 Menswear

I'll admit, up to this point I haven't really made a habit of following runway fashion. Truthfully, it's always seemed interesting to me, but I've just never made much effort to really check it out. I've occasionally looked at menswear collections that include skirts, but they've usually left me unimpressed. Enter the Givenchy Fall 2012 Menswear collection.

There is a lot that I like about this collection. A lot of the looks have a certain edge and I feel they are accessorized pretty well (yes, even the nose rings). My one complaint is that I would have liked to see some actual tights, as opposed to the leggings paired here, but that's relatively minor. Anyhow, here are some pictures of my favorite looks from the collection.

My favorite of the lot. The skirt & top are great together. I really love the solid black sleeve.
A pretty basic look, but also an easy one for any guy to rock.

The bold red here is very striking. I find this very refreshing as one of the things I hate about menswear is the overuse of dull, boring colors and fabrics.
Something about this look really thrills me. The coat is a great match with this skirt, and I actually really love the leggings in this outfit.
I hate skirts over pants, but ignoring that I really like the look of the fabric used here. 
I don't like the jacket, but the rest of the outfit is awesome. I love the slit in the skirt here.
I've heard a lot of people say that men in skirts on the runway is a fad, or just done for shock value, but I don't agree. It seems to me that more and more collections have included skirts for men recently, so I think that designers are just wanting to push into new territory. A lot of looks that go down the runway simply aren't meant for everyday wear, but rather fashion as art, but I still think the runway can and does inspire everyday fashion. I say that the more we see men in skirts the better, especially when done well like this collection.

If you would like to see the full Givenchy Fall 2012 Menswear collection, check it out here on!

What do you think about the line? Is the runway an important part of men's fashion freedom? Let me know what you think below.


  1. I agree with you my friend and the change has been going on for ten or more years that had it's start with the kilt. If it was a fad then they would have moved on a long time ago and I feel the more fashion bloger's push the fashion industry the more we will see men wearing skirt's dresses and high heels on the runways and I hope in the stores. Keep up the awesome work with you blog.

    1. Thanks, Lorraine! I do really think that men's fashion freedom is on the rise.

  2. Not the runway will drive men to skirts, but the distribution. Once H&M, C&A, ... wille put skirts for men a new era for men's fashion wil start.

    1. True, accessibility is very important. Even for men who are interested in skirts, getting over that initial hump of having to find them in the women's department could be difficult. Skirts on the runway brings the idea of men wearing skirts into public consciousness, which is how we will see them on the racks, I feel.

  3. When I see your fashion posts, my reaction tells me how ingrained my gender norms are.

    This entry however, got me thinking less about gender freedom and more about cultural aesthetic focus on men's bodies. Talk of designers showing kilts brought to mind another "appropriate" skirt for men: the sarong. Maybe my associations aren't the norm, but my dad's pretty conservative, so my feeling's that sarongs are unisex, ultra-casual wear. The next thing that popped into my head is breeches. Once upon a time, it was not at all unusual for men to wear tights and show off their calves. I've noticed a lot of guys wearing cargo shorts and basketball shorts in the last decade or so. I usually think of this as casual wear becoming prevalent in more and more settings, but maybe it has just as much to do with men revealing more of their bodies. Perhaps you're on the vanguard of a cultural shift back towards men peacocking it up.

    In any case, I admire your courage. Thanks for sharing your sartorial adventures.

    1. Peacocking it up, I like it!

      I've seen a lot of guys in skirts rockin' a sarong. I don't know much about them, but to me it always seemed a bit like a "gateway" skirt, much like I view the kilt. By that I mean it's certainly a safer option for those who want to try skirted garments. I largely prefer to just dive right in, but I know that approach isn't for everyone.

      Funny that you brought up breeches, I wore a pair for my wedding, and yes I did wear tights with them. Perhaps I'll post photos of that, eventually.

      Thanks for the compliments, Teaweed! I hope you continue to enjoy following the blog.