Monday, February 27, 2012

02/27/12 OOTD: Pawn

The month is almost done. I'm a bit sad. Here we go!

Top: Merona dress shirt from Target
Necklace: Geo stud necklace from Domino Dollhouse
Ring: Studded double finger ring from Domino Dollhouse
Skirt: Made by Mrs. Spookshow
Tights: Kunert satin look 20 in black
Shoes: Wedge bootie by Madden Girl

Going out to dinner with Mrs. Spookshow & the parents tonight, and this is my outfit. Unfortunately, I waited until late afternoon to take the photos on an already rainy day, so I'm not entirely happy with the quality. It will have to do, though. Mrs. Spookshow made this skirt for me a while ago, and I suppose I've been saving it for one of my last looks. I want to end the month with some really cool OOTDs.

I just got this necklace from Domino Dollhouse on clearance. I had eyed it earlier in the month but didn't order it. When I saw it on clearance and heard they wouldn't be available again, I just had to have it. One of the big things that has come out of this month event for me is accessorizing with jewelry. It wasn't previously on my radar, but I've really enjoyed the subtle ways that jewelry can enhance a look. The ring is also Domino Dollhouse, and I love it too!

This shot shows off the skirt better, thankfully. I'm really happy with how this skirt turned out. Mrs. Spookshow is great!

Anyways, it seems I gotta run out the door to go to dinner, so that's it for this one. Only two more looks for the month, whoa. Seeya tomorrow!


  1. Just wanted to drop in and tell you that you rock! I was linked here from a gender equality blog especially concerned with men, and I started following you on tumblr. <3 I wish I could rock heels like you do!

    1. Thanks, Stacy! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment here. Thank you for the compliments. Please don't be a stranger!