Wednesday, February 22, 2012

02/22/12 OOTD - Solo

Runnin' a bit late today, but here we go!

Dress: Jersey colorblock dress from Macys
Vest: Moto Vest from Forever 21+
Necklace: Feather dream necklace from Domino Dollhouse
Belt: Oval stretch belt from Torrid
Tights: Kunert satin look 20 in marine
Shoes: Sayde anne short shaft boots from Payless

I originally had a different outfit planned for today, but it didn't work out. I've been avoiding this dress in the closet, simply because it's often very unforgiving on my figure. Nothing a rockin' vest can't fix though! I got assaulted by bees (!) while taking this photo, and while I didn't get stung it did mean I only got one photo. Anyhow, I think I got it in one.

I had to bring the alternate photo inside today, and while the color doesn't turn out as good, I wanted to try to show the outfit a bit more than in the other photo. I added the belt to this look at the last minute, and actually think it was a good addition. I think I'm starting to learn more about when to belt or not to belt (and that IS the question, ha!). These shoes always make me happy. There's just something about bright red boots that is awesome. 

Seven more looks to go! Seeya tomorrow!

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