Sunday, February 19, 2012

02/19/12 OOTD: Bounty

Havin' a bit of fun with this one today. Here we go!

Top: Gift from Mrs. Spookshow
Skirt: Blackwatch kilt by Sportkilt
Socks: ?
Boots: Distortion boot by Harley Davidson

Yesterday on Flickr, Ihopeyouareok commented on one of my photos and said, "So I love all these outfits, and think you look great. But I'm dying to see you pull off the skirt but with traditional male dress otherwise. Socks, sneakers, t-shirt, jacket, but still the skirt kind of thing! Have you found the heels and tights just work better?" Well, this one is for you!

I figured today would be a fun day to do this, since it's sort of going to be a bit of a masculine day for me (whatever that mean). I'm going to spend the day playing Warhammer 40k, a tabletop wargame, with a friend of mine, and then tonight we are watching the WWE Elimination Chamber ppv. 

This outfit brings to mind one of the articles on fashion freedom I wrote last year, Boys in Dresses: A Primer. In it, I talked about the "spectrum" of boys in skirts, ranging from guys who wear kilts all the way to androgynous boys. While I'm not androgynous, I certainly fall much closer to it in the spectrum than to the traditional masculine kilted look. Here, however, I'm channeling the Bravehearts, ha!

Lurky cat is watching. What you can't see is that the other one is also staring at me off camera. I often have an audience when I take these photos. Also, skeleton garden gnomes!
This outfit is definitely outside of the norm for me. This may be the only outfit picture where I am wearing absolutely nothing from the women's department, ha! It's also the only picture of my legs without tights. I do not like wearing skirts without tights, it just feels awkward and utterly weird to me, but I wanted to keep this one on the Braveheart side, so here you go. I don't dislike this look, but it's just not entirely me, I feel. Regardless of that, I think it works really well for guys in skirts. 

No disintegrations!
Yep, dork alert. I got this Boba Fett helmet for my birthday, and just couldn't resist fitting it into a photo here. It occurred to me after the fact that Boba does not actually use two blasters (that was his father, Jango Fett), but oh well. As if you needed more reasons to love me, I'm a huge geek.

That's it for today. Tomorrow I might have a new custom made dress from Mrs. Spookshow to show!


  1. Hi Michael, I have just discovered your blog and find you very inspiring to push myself in terms of fashion. I sometimes hold back, as I can find myself being giggled and pointed at on public transport, but you're inspiring me to no longer care and just go for it. Please keep doing what you're doing! :) Carla xxxxx

    1. Thank you, Carla! I'm glad you found some inspiration here! Haters gonna hate, just be true to yourself and rock it out!

  2. Mark in Brisbane Australia.February 20, 2012

    Hello Michael, I have finally joined your blog thing and I'm on Facebook, despite I live in Brisbane, you'll find my picture of me in the Vancouver Canucks Hockey Joursy, however I'm wearing booring denim shorts and not a skirt yet, I hope over the time more and more men do come out and start adopting different fasions like wearing a skirt and/or a dress, by the way except for the helmet, I love that tarton kilt skirt you are wearing, that would go well with a navy blue polo shirt or a black one as well, but nothing too bright though, if the tarton skirt had some actual purple in it, a purple polo shirt would go well with it, by the way I love the colour purple too, or even lavender, it's what I call a calming colour, by the way I want to ask you your view on Sarongs, Are they a usefull garment or are they a waste of time even worrying about?

    1. Thanks for joining the blog and the Facebook, Mark. I appreciate the support!

      Someone else has mentioned sarongs on here before, though I can't remember where off the top of my head. Truthfully, I can't really say I know much about them, and I've never worn one. I often hear men who are interested in skirts talk about them feeling that they are more easily accepted than skirts for men. I've never really been one to tiptoe around, so to speak, so I've just jumped right in with skirts & dresses / whatever I want to wear. From what I understand, though, sarongs can be a good starting point for men looking to wear unbifurcated garments.

  3. I have to agree with MessyCarla, you're a total inspiration, Michael. I love your style, you put clothes together in such a gorgeous way. You make me want to be more adventurous with fashion.

    I totally support fashion freedom. People should be able to wear whatever they want and not be persecuted in any way because of it. I've never thought of men wearing dresses as something odd as I was brought up on Eddie Izzard shows, now there's a man who can rock a skirt. ;) xxxxx

    1. Thank you, Sian! Thank you for the compliments! Don't hold back, be yourself and rock it!

      Thank you for the support! Also, Eddie Izzard is great!