Saturday, February 18, 2012

02/18/12 OOTD: Adore

Another day, another outfit. Let's do this!

Top: Colorblock dolman top from Forever 21+
Skirt: Pleat tier skirt from Roaman's
Tights: Charnos opaque 60 denier thick tights in purple
Shoes: Meg ankle boot by Gwyneth Shoes

I've wanted to put this top and skirt together for awhile now. I like this top a lot, though I didn't feel I had worn it to the fullest potential until this look. This skirt remains one of my favorites. I can't really explain it, but these pleated tiers make me feel like I'm on fire. This skirt can completely change my attitude, simply by being on my body; I love it!

A few people have commented on the skeleton dog in these door photos. He was a Christmas present from my mom to Mrs. Spookshow & I. She added the blue googly eyes herself, which I think really sets him off. We've got all sorts of fun, spooky decorations outside all year round ... actually, you can spy another in this next picture...

(I try to find more creative places to take these outfit photos, but the locations I use are really where the best lighting is. I apologize for repeating them so often, but I think great outfit photos trump grainy, dark shots in cooler places.)

I've been having a lot of fun taking these alternate detail shots, and today was no exception. Today, I just felt like getting my feet off the ground. I love the way this shot turned out, and even though it was meant to show off the shoes (and my legs too, come on) I think it captured the skirt excellently. Here you can really see all the texture differences and such that make it one of my favorites.

Hope you enjoyed this OOTD. As always, I'd love to know what you think!


  1. ..question? i cant seem to follow your blog :(? help? lol but let me say that skirt is absolutely gorgeous! i love the shoes and those purple leggings really complete the outfit with that blouse. so beautiful...especially your legs :p! yes i couldnt help but stare! ha. no no, truely tho, i love the entire set, keep working it!

    1. Thanks, Jasmine. Sorry you've had some trouble following me here. I'm not sure what the issue is. Have you given it another shot?

      Thank you for the compliments! I appreciate it.

  2. I have word for that skirt: SQUEEEEEEEEEE!