Tuesday, February 14, 2012

02/14/12 OOTD: Race

(I've been so busy today that I missed taking photos of this outfit in ideal lighting. I debated delaying this post, and taking new pictures tomorrow, but I just don't want to do that. I know these pictures aren't the best quality, but I think that staying on track and keeping the pace is more important than fretting over being perfect. I hope you will agree.)

Although Mrs. Spookshow & I have agreed not to make anything of Valentine's Day, I did take some inspiration from it today with this look. Number 14, here we go!

Dress: Cotton shirtdress from eBay
Necklace: Mrs. Spookshow's jewelry box
Tights: Charnos opaque 60 denier thick tights in wine
Shoes: Lena strap peep toe wedge from Torrid

This is a combination I've worn before, but I just couldn't think of a better way to wear it today. I feel that shirt dresses like this one can work easily for a man, as it's very similar in style to a button down shirt, just with a skirt attached. It's easy to wear and is very comfortable.

I thought this necklace would go well with the red tights. 

This dress gives me a very retro vibe, so I think it's fun to play that up with shoes like these. Overall, I think it makes for a nice look. 

Apologies for being so brief today, but I'm still quite busy. Things will return to normal tomorrow, so seeya then!


  1. Love the look this creates. Th simplicity of the dress works very well. I myself would not have gone with redtights,but rather go for opaque black.

    Had someone question me about why I would wear a skirt or a dress.. Your answer did not suffice and it ended in her threatening me with exposing me to my friends and wife.. Gave me somewhat of a fatal attraction feeling.. My wife knows, but does not really like it. I do really wear this style (at home) for the same reasons you do, not as a crossdresser. Been there, done that...

    Anyways, keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, Ben!

      Thanks for sharing your story here. I'm sorry to hear about how that ended. I suppose that's one advantage I have of being so public with the blog and such, there can't be any shame because I'm not hiding anything from anyone. The reason I started this blog was to try to give other men hope, and the courage to step out and be themselves. I know, though, that everyone's situation is different, and that I'm very lucky to have a supportive wife who stands by me.

  2. I am very, very fond of black and red together.

    A shirt dress works for pretty much any shape, that's what makes them awesome. They're usually super comfy too.

    Have you ever tried wrap dresses? They're absolutely fantastic for fitting any shape body. And in a good knit fabric they're so comfy as well as stylish. I can see them working well for dudes in dresses, because they are so adaptable to any body shape.

    1. I love black & red together as well. I've mentioned this on the blog before, but over the past year I've been really expanding my color options in my wardrobe (as I was previously an all-black kinda guy). It's been a lot of fun. Reds & purples have sorta become my thing, it seems, though I'm also partial to blue now as well.

      Yeah, this shirt dress is insanely comfortable. It's one of the reasons I love dresses!

      I have not tried a wrap dress, but I will definitely keep my eyes open for one now. Thank you for the suggestion!