Thursday, February 9, 2012

02/09/12 OOTD: Misfit

We're nearly 1/3 of the way through the month already, wow. Today ... Outfit 9 from outer space! Ha!

Top: Made by Mrs. Spookshow
Necklace: Looted from Mrs. Spookshow's jewelry box
Skirt: Shimmer skirt from Forever 21+
Leggings: Green tribal print leggings from Torrid
Boots: Panda mid-calf boot by Comfortview

Everything from the waist down here was from my pile of misfit clothes. Despite liking all of these garments individually, I just haven't felt I've been able to make them work in outfits. They seemed doomed to be sold at the end of the month. However, then a bit of inspiration hit me: Why not try the misfit clothes together? I'm actually really digging this look, and I think these clothes are probably redeemed.

I love the color of this necklace, and think it works well with the draped neckline of this top. I think it helps bring out the green in the tribal leggings, which are otherwise a little bit subdued looking for my taste.

I was a little concerned that maybe leggings should count as pants (thus failing to meet the no pants requirement for the month), but I figured it's okay because I'm wearing them more as tights for this outfit (also, my blog, my rules, ha!). I really love the print, but I've had trouble with it being just a bit too busy for most outfits I've tried them with, but here I think it's perfect!

The shimmer skirt is one of my favorites, despite never really feeling I've rocked it fully. After a search on Google for what to wear with a tight mini I realized I should be trying to combine this skirt with looser, oversize tops. I decided to carry that idea through here with the boots as well, and think the slouched look actually works pretty good here.

I wanted to use this month to try out some new combinations and experiment with my closet. In that regard, I think this outfit is a total success. I think these clothes came together for a really fun & interesting outfit. What do you think?


  1. i love the leggings! although i think its mostly about how well you put it together :3 i'd suck at that. im actually learning here, thank you :>

    1. Thank you! This one was truly a case of trial and error, and I had almost given up on these leggings and the skirt. It's all about playing around and trying different things out, and that's what makes fashion so fun. Glad you enjoyed!

  2. Your boots are way too cute! I like how the straps sort of mimic the drape of the shirt, a great pairing! Those leggings are pretty bad-ass, and I'm really digging that intense over-saturated necklace, too... Ah, what can I say, I just love this outfit!

    1. Thank you, Jessica! This is one of my favorites of the month so far as well. I'm just surprised how this outfit turned out, given I was going to get rid of most of these garments. Not anymore!