Monday, February 6, 2012

02/06/12 OOTD: Pulse

Decided to rock out a pencil skirt today for look number six. Here we go!

Top: Merona dress shirt from Target
Belt: Pyramid studded belt from eBay, heart belt buckle a gift from Mrs. Spookshow
Skirt: Pinstripe pencil skirt by Tripp NYC
Tights: Charnos opaque 60 denier thick tights in grey
Shoes: Portia bootine from Payless, red laces from We Love Colors

This is a pretty basic combo today, just a button down shirt with a pencil skirt. While I often rock this skirt with a cut up tee, I wanted to throw some color into this outfit with the belt buckle and laces, and a tee just didn't look right tucked into the skirt today. Speaking of the belt buckle ...

Here is a close up shot of the belt buckle, taken by Mrs. Spookshow. This buckle was a gift from her, and I really love using it to add a pop of color to my outfits. It's just a cool buckle all around.

These boots have become some of my favorites, and today I'm remixing them a bit with some colored laces. I thought it might be a fun way to add a pop of color to an outfit, and I think it works pretty well here. 

Mrs. Spookshow and I went to Subway today for lunch, and it was reasonably busy. I did definitely draw some attention from the outfit, but didn't receive any comments good or bad. I'm only mentioning this because I'm pretty sure a woman sitting in the corner snapped a few pictures of me. We'll see if those turn up somewhere online; I can only hope she got me from a good angle, ha! 

To be honest, sometimes it disappoints me that a boy in skirts can draw so much attention. While I can certainly see the irony of posting this on a blog, I can't say that I dress the way I do for attention. My style comes from my love of the aesthetics of skirts & dresses, and the fact that I see no reason why a man shouldn't be able to enjoy such things. To me, clothing is a way to express myself and to show my creativity. I just work with a wider palette than most people are used to.

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