Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spookshow Style: Pleat Tier Skirt Remix

This outfit is a bit of a wardrobe remix, with a new jacket thrown in.

Jacket: Sheer stripe moto jacket from Ashely Stewart
Top: Fringe top by Anna Scholz
Skirt: Pleat tier skirt from Roaman's
Tights: Charnos opaque 60 denier thick tights in petrol
Shoes: Meg ankle boot by Gwyneth Shoes

I really wanted to get a better shot of this skirt, as it's one of my favorites. When I decided to fully commit to freestyle fashion, this was one of the first skirts I bought. I remember that it really caught my eye, and I was really eager to try it on. This skirt was a real defining moment for my style, as I just felt this surge run through me from the first moment I put it on. There was definitely a little extra swagger in my step, and for one of the first time's in my life I felt hot. This skirt helped me realize that I need to remember my roots (I've always loved dark, gothic, edgy clothing) when shopping, as previously I was just buying any ole black skirt in my size range. It helped me focus on the fact that fashion should represent my persona, my personal style.

I feel the jacket and boots also have a certain edge to them, so I thought they would be fun to pair with the 
skirt in this look. 

I received a lot of compliments on these boots in a previous outfit, so I wanted to try to get a better shot of them. I really love them.

I wanted to get a closer detail shot of the skirt with this picture. I think this shot just turned out too cool, haha. It really captures the attitude of this outfit. 

You can view this outfit in my Flickr photostream here:


  1. Very edgy look indeed~

    I'll always remember the first pairs of shoes I've bought, the first from a store and the first I ordered online. In a way, I wish I had realized how important they would be in the first place. Maybe I would have taken that extra effort to preserve all of the shoes I end up donating later on.

    Still, I know once I'm off on my own, I'll get a kind of 'second chance': my first pair bought with either my first check, or in my new house ;)

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