Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spookshow Style: Grommet Skirt

Spookshow Style posts will be all about my outfits. I thought it might be fun to talk a bit about the style choices I make and the thought behind them.

Top: Fringe Top by Anna Scholz
Skirt: Hand made by Mrs. Spookshow
Tights: Levante eXtra in Londra
Shoes: Wedge Bootie by Madden Girl

This outfit captures the essence of my personal style perfectly. It has just the right amount of edginess and attitude for me. I've always loved gothic fashion, although I don't take that quite as far as I used to. I've tried to keep that influence, however, and I feel that attitude still comes through in this outfit.

This look just sort of came together in a perfect maelstrom, but it all started with the skirt. 

When I saw the pattern for this skirt I was immediately inspired. I really liked the blue swirl pattern of this fabric, and thought it would go perfect with the grommet trim design. The lovely Mrs. Spookshow put all of these elements together for me and created this skirt.

When I first tried this skirt on, I quickly realized that none of the tops I currently owned would really work with it. Up to this point, all of my tops were still from the men's department, largely either black t-shirts or black button downs. Enter the fringe top.

Around the same time as I found the pattern for the skirt, a new fashion catalog arrived in the mail from Simply Be. This is where that maelstrom effect that I mentioned earlier started. We had never heard of this store before, but immediately loved most of the items in their catalog. We both headed straight for the sale section of their website, which is where I found this top. I was immediately drawn to both the cut and the fringe. I knew the fringe would look great with the blue skirt fabric. Earlier in the year I had taken to modifying my plain t-shirts with scissors, altering the neck and often the sleeves. I really like the edginess it can add to a boring old shirt design, although my wife isn't a big fan of the look. I've been shocked at how much of a temperature difference it can make in the heat, however. Anyways, the cold shoulder design of this top reminded me of that, and it's a style that I've loved since.

I hadn't dabbled in tops from the women's department mostly because of concerns over fit, particularly in the bust region. It can be very difficult as a man to tread here, as a lot of women's tops are designed to emphasize or enhance a shape that I do not possess. I've also found that sleeve size can be a problem, but it wasn't with this top. Off the rack this top was quite a bit too baggy in the bust area on me (not too shocking), but that was easily fixed by my wife by just shortening the shoulder straps a bit. Just like that, it fit pretty great. I actually really love the elastic waist bit at the bottom of this top, as I actually feel it helps to hide my primary problem area, my tummy, and makes me look a bit more slim than I actually am. Another thing I've come to love about this top (and most tops from the women's department as well) is the fabric it's made from. With men's tops, I've pretty much just been wearing cotton my entire life. This material is much softer and has more stretch, which actually feels really nice. Just a small perk of crossing the aisle, I guess.

 Last up are the tights and shoes. 

Whenever people comment on or ask about my style in public, it's usually regarding the tights. In fact, I think I should make a separate post just about tights, so look for that in the future. I went with black sheer tights here, and I think they work well with the outfit. I actually get quite a few compliments on my legs (thanks!), and honestly I think the tights are a large part of that.

These shoes .... oh, these shoes. Okay, so, I should admit that I have a bit of a shoe addiction, but that's also probably a whole separate post in itself. A quick look at my shoe collection will illuminate one fact: I love ankle boots! Another thing I love? Wedge heels! I had been looking for a pair of wedge ankle booties for a long time. I've found it can be a bit difficult to find stylish shoes in my size (13 or 12w), so when I saw these I knew I had to snatch them up quickly. This was, of course, right around the same time as the rest of this outfit was coming together. These shoes are a lot of fun, and I think they help enhance the attitude of this outfit. 

That's about all I think I can say on this outfit, as this post has already run a bit longer than I anticipated. My hope is that these Spookshow Style posts will help shed some light on why I wear the things I do. I put a lot of effort into all of my looks to try to look the best I can. 

If you'd like to see more of my styles and comment on them, please visit my Flickr photostream here:

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